A man's testimony

A man's testimony

Here is a testimony of a man, broken by the love of God

I was born into a very ordinary family in Bromptonville, Quebec. My father was a welder and my mother was a housewife, I already had two brothers who were before me, and after me there were 3 other children, including two younger sisters. We were brought up in the Catholic religion, my parents were very religious and eventually forced us to practice this religion. Very quickly, I became a rebel against religion.

  School, I never really liked it. As soon as I returned to kindergarten, I demonstrated my great dissatisfaction by hanging my hands on the edge of the door, crying and saying NO I don't want to! All this to keep out of the classroom, and this nightmare for me ended on the last day of school. I was 15 years old.

  As soon as I got out of school, I went into the job market, and I got a job in a used car yard, and I was working to learn, because the school didn't give me lessons for that. (too low in raw materials). And I learned auto mechanics on my own on this job. At the age of 17, we left for Ontario.

  At the age of 17, we left for Ontario. My father, who was unemployed at the time, found a job in this Province. Then we left that year to stay in this new province. It was then that for me misery set in, I had no job and it was an English province, I did not speak English! Finally, I managed to live on hardship and misery. Sometimes I had a short job, but of course it wasn't enough to survive.

Sometimes I had to resort to theft to be able to eat a little, it was not a life. I stayed 4 and a half years in this province with discouragement, hunger, drink (because for me there was only that to cheer me up). Very often, I asked God (without knowing him) what I was doing on this earth. And why was I here?

  Finally I came back to Quebec in the small town of Acton-Vale.

In this city, I found work in the field of auto mechanics. I kept this job for about 3 years. I really liked this job. It was what I wanted to do since I was very young! With this work, I bought myself a nice 1979 Camaro.

I spent a lot of time and money to restore it and make it as beautiful as possible. Very quickly, I went to Granby for a job in a garage specializing in the installation of tires.

And there I had the happy meeting of a woman named Maryse.

  The day I met Maryse, it was a beautiful day for me (even if it was evening). I worked in a garage, where they put tires. She had come to speak with a friend of hers, but he was busy talking with other people. So she turned to me and we started discussing things and others. The next day she asked for my phone number, and I was quick to give it to her. It didn't take long before she called me, and that was the start of our relationship.

  The building of love is what we both undertook, and it continued throughout our union. My beautiful little wife, (although we were not married, but in my heart it was my wife), Maryse gave birth to two beautiful children. A boy and a little girl, whom I love very much. Both were born fit and healthy.

  And our union, which for me was the fulfillment of a dream that I had cherished for a long time, came true at the age of 24.

It continued for 4 and a half years (because for me it was never long enough).

And one morning she told me that she didn't love me anymore.

  You have to understand that this woman was the woman of my life, she was the person I loved the most in the world. Anything would have happened to anyone, it would have hurt less than seeing her go.

  Curse - It all started with the loss of my job. I was working in a hotel as a maintenance manager, I had been working there for over two years. The owners of the hotel once said that the hotel had been sold, and no one could keep their job. So the 9th of that month was my last day at work, a job I really enjoyed. On the 15th of the same month I had an accident with my beautiful car (a 1979 Camaro). The cause: a loss of control in a curve. Everything to me seemed to fall apart. That's what I said to Maryse, that there was a wind of curse blowing on us. All this lasted about a year before receiving the last big blow which was the departure of Maryse.

Life (or) Death - When I realized she had left me, my head went blank and so did my heart. I became cold, as if lost in my thoughts and in my heart, with the desire to die. For 3 weeks, I tried to bring her back by all kinds of means, but the more I wanted, the more she went away, there was nothing more to do. So it was only death that I think would have helped my cause. In 3 weeks, I lost 30lbs, I had to get help, but WHERE? Because in my opinion, it was impossible to find this help on earth. They were all men like me, and I told myself that if I couldn't, who could, if not a being (someone) who wouldn't be a man, someone who speaks to the heart and who changes them . So I cried out to God asking if he was real, if he was really there, and if he could do anything for me?

The answer has come, yes! he answered me !

  This all happened when I was in deep discouragement trying to bring back the woman I love. Every time, it resulted in failure. In those days I cried out to God to find out if he existed, and I was keen to take a Bible and read to see if I could find anything there. I called one of my sisters to tell her about God, because she, she believed in God and said that she knew him. She spoke to me about salvation, which the Lord did not save because we had done something good, but through sole faith in him. This is where I was wondering, if someone was doing a lot of good, that they loved all people and did not do any harm, could they be saved? My question went unanswered at that time. I picked up the Bible again to read and that's when I got the answer. The passage I was reading was in, (Matthew chapter 25 verses 31 to 46).

   God present - At that moment fear took hold of me, I felt like a presence that was near me, but I didn't know what it was. This presence was so real that I thought I saw someone appear to me. After a while, the presence left, and I felt there was something in my heart that had changed. While asking myself certain questions, I continued to read the Bible, because I had it at heart, and I got to know the God who made heaven and earth and who gave us his son Jesus Christ. for the forgiveness of the sins of the world which he took by the hands of John the Baptist, in the Jordan, and which he cleansed with his blood on the cross. What I know about God is not much compared to what he has given us. For me, he took what was most dear in my life, to give me what was dearest in his: his son. By recognizing our faults, by believing in his baptism and his blood, we have eternal life, because he promised it and he is the only one who truly keeps his promises.

He is not a man who likes to lie !!

 The Salvation. Life. - If you are not saved, if you do not know our Lord Jesus Christ, well you too can receive him in your heart, recognizing that you are a sinner, and believing that he (Jesus) has everything taken upon himself, your sins by the hands of John the Baptist at his baptism in the water of the Jordan (Matthew 3:15), that he paid the price with his blood on the cross and that he was resurrected (1 John 5: 6-8). Believe in him, because while you are still alive, you can receive life, if not, when you are dead, it will also be too late. Take a Bible too and look in the Gospels to find salvation by faith in Jesus Christ and then let it be, he will take care of you in Truth.

                May the Lord make his Love known to you through Jesus Christ! Amen.


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